Philippe-Pierre Jacques-Yves Arnault Cousteau, Jr. (born January 20, 1980) is the son of Philippe Cousteau, having been born six months after the death of his father, and the grandson of Jacques-Yves Cousteau. As a member of the prominent family, Philippe is continuing the work of his father and grandfather by educating the public about environmental and conservation issues. He is also a special correspondent for CNN/U.S. and CNN International.

In 2000, he co-founded EarthEcho International with his mother Jan Cousteau and his sister Alexandra Cousteau. EarthEcho International is based in Washington, D.C., and its mission is to “empower youth to take action that protects and restores our water planet.”
In 2007, he co-founded Azure Worldwide, an environmental consulting, development, marketing and media company. Through an alliance with the University of Virginia, where he is an OpenGrounds Fellow, Philippe is aiding in the development and promotion of a revolutionary interactive game that simulates the impact of individuals and communities on the health of critical water resources.

Leveraging the skills and experiences of his nonprofit and corporate platforms, Philippe and his multi- disciplinary team partnered with the U.S. Department of State to design and operate the USA Pavilion experience at Expo 2012 in Yeosu Korea ( Philippe served as the Chief Spokesperson for the Pavilion.

From 2008-2011, Philippe served as Chief Ocean Correspondent for Animal Planet and Planet Green, where he is creating a series of ocean documentary programs, including “Ocean’s Deadliest,” which he completed after his co-host Steve Irwin was fatally wounded during their expedition.

Philippe was present when Steve Irwin was killed by a stingray wound through his heart. Philippe is a special correspondent for CNN International where he is the host of the Going Green series and reports on environmental and humanitarian stories including an exploration of the extreme science of climate change deep in the frozen arctic. Philippe hosted Oceans Blue, a High Definition Discovery networks/BBC series which premiered in the U.S. on Planet Green in August 2010. Philippe was the keynote speaker at the 2008 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, where the very best of the best students with the best projects from all around the world exhibit their research to expert judges.

Philippe has produced, directed, and written public service announcements for cable television about issues facing the environment. He served as executive producer, co-director, and writer for a documentary film on the Everglades in 2003, which reached half a million students and garnered a National Education Award nomination. He has written articles for Sport Diver Magazine US and National Geographic magazine and has lectured at such institutions as The United Nations,Harvard University, and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, as well as museums, aquariums, and numerous schools and conferences.

Philippe is the coauthor of Going Blue: A Teen Guide to Saving the Oceans, Lakes, Rivers, and Wetlands (Free Spirit Publishing, 2010) and a book for elementary students, published in the fall of 2012. Going Blue was released in the summer of 2010 and has been awarded Learning Magazine’s 2011 Teachers’ Choice Award for the Family, a Gold Nautilus Award and a 2010 ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year Gold Award, amongst others.

Philippe and his sister Alexandra were named to Vanity Fair magazine’s 2010 Next Establishment list in recognition of their contributions as environmental advocates.

Philippe served on the Boards of Directors of Marine Conservation Biology Institute, Ocean Conservancy, and the National Environmental Education Foundation as well as the Honorary Board of the Everglades Foundation; the Advisory Board of the Algalita Marine Research Foundation, the Global Peace Film Festival, the Ocean Energy Council, and Oceana’s Ocean Council; and is a member of the Smithsonian Institution’s Ocean Initiative Council. He is also on the national council of the World Wildlife Fund.
He has previously been on the boards of the Blue Frontier Foundation, Earthpark, and the Environmental Project.

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