03/25/2015 OFR NCWG Participant Agenda

Meeting Minutes


1. Review the MAs for which feedback was to consider archiving, identify any you would like to review/augment and keep, and develop information to explain why.

2. Review the MAs for which feedback was to clarify and/or add information, read the detailed feedback for those of interest to you, and begin developing information to augment these MAs.

3. Review the suggested combinations in preparation for April HERE

How to complete the homework?

Step 1. Review the Comprehensive Spreadsheet handout to see MA’s that were suggested to be archived or that need more info/clarification.

Step 2. Review the content and reviewer feedback for your chosen MA’s in the PDF’s found on www.ourfloridareefs.org/review

Step 3. Fill out the blank Tier 1 Worksheet

Homework Handouts 

Comprehensive Spreadsheet of RMA’s after Review 1

Tier 1 Worksheet

Meeting Handouts & References

Topic Areas Suggested Combinations

RMA’s Without Tier 1


Welcome Presentation & Meeting Objectives