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    March Community Working Group Meeting Results


    Community Working Group (CWG) members engaged in a very productive meeting on the 9th and 10th of March. As it was their first meeting following the community meetings in January and February, CWG members kicked off the two-day meeting by sharing their experiences hosting and attending those events._MBZ1610


    One of the main objectives of the community meetings was to gather feedback from the public on the draft Recommended Management Actions (RMAs) created by the CWG members, and they got a lot of it! So at this meeting, CWG members had to begin the difficult task of reviewing every single one of the almost 2000 comments and considering them to inform possible changes to the content of their RMAs.

    Each day included a full hour of public comment, in which a large number of citizens got a chance to express their opinions directly to the group at large. Community Working Group members expressed their gratitude to the public for their increased participation in the process following successful outreach during community meetings.