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    Community Meetings Martin and Palm Beach County Results


    The Our Florida Reefs Community Working Groups kicked off their series of community meetings the last week of January, 2016. A total of 6 meetings were held at 3 different locations in Martin and Palm Beach Counties throughout the week. Participants from the public came to the meetings to learn about the Our Florida Reefs process, the 68 draft management recommendations, to ask questions, and to provide their feedback.


    The first round of community meetings showed the value of bringing voices from many different groups together in one room. Throughout the meeting, attendees engaged in productive conversations with community working group members and were given the opportunity to express their support and their concerns in writing on comment cards provided.


    At the closing of each meeting, participants were instructed to go online to www.ourfloridareefs.org/RMAcomment to view and comment on any management recommendations they didn’t feel they had adequate time to learn about or comment on. The level of input received so far, both at the community meetings and online, has been fantastic, so keep it up!

    If you didn’t have the chance to attend one of the January community meetings, please attend one of the 6 meetings being held the 3rd week of February in Miami-Dade and Broward counties (see details on our events page).