Alice Kincey

I arrived in Miami, Florida in August of 1974 to attend graduate school at the University of Miami. Traveling by car from Alabama with my Siamese cat named Sam, was quite an adventure. Sam had attended the U of Alabama and now he was moving to sunny South Florida to attend the U of Miami! After being here in Miami for a year, I began teaching and have been doing so ever since in various positions. Currently, I am a Music Therapist providing services for students Intellectual Disabilities.
Moving to South Florida from Alabama was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I had a choice to attend Florida State or the U of Miami. They are both prestigious colleges; however, the Miami offered the educational programs that I wanted to pursue a diverse cultural life, the oceans, beaches, and our beautiful coral reefs in the Florida Keys and other areas. Unfortunately, I am not as swimmer, however, I have seen many beautiful photos, video, and television documentaries about the Florida reefs and how they benefit our economy here is Florida from the fishing industry to tourism. While working as a Science Mentor, Part-Time, for Museum of Science in 2007, I became aware of the threats to our reefs from attending professional development trainings sponsored by the SEFCRI and the Miami Seaquarium. I became interested in the reefs as a result of how beautiful, unique, and rare our reefs are and the fish and marine life that they provide a habitat for.
The SEFCRI sponsors wonderful professional development trainings for teachers, students, and for anyone interested in learning how they can protect our Florida reefs. Also, visit their website at: There you will find interesting topics such as threats to our reefs, awareness and appreciation for our reefs, facts about the reefs, and many other interesting topics. There are also lesson plan topics for teachers, as well. Get Involved!
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